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Space Saving Tips for a Small Kitchen

Not all homes have large kitchens with good enough space for walking, cooking, and dining. It can be a hassle to do the simplest of tasks in a small kitchen. This makes it crucial for you to utilize the little space you get in a more appropriate manner. Look at these tips below to save some space in your kitchen.

Install Wall Cabinets
Consider installing wall cabinets to save up floor space and provide you appropriate storage for keeping your dishes and crockery organized. A few spaces can be left open for some artwork or floating shelving to create a more personalized feel. This will break up the monotony of a wall filled with cabinets.

Work Table with Drawers
By adding wall cabinets, you can have plenty of space available for storing crockery. However, what about the smaller items like spoons, forks, etc? It is a good option to opt for a worktable that comes equipped with plenty of drawers, so that you can store bottles of oil, vinegar and so on.

Trays and Baskets
Keep things on the counter organized by using trays and baskets. Utensils can be kept out of the way with hooks on the wall. Similarly, you can use a mounted rack for hanging knives, pots, pans, and most useable dishes and plates.

However, if you want to leverage every bit of space in your kitchen, opt for bespoke design. These kitchens are specifically designed to accommodate your needs and can feature useful accessories and amenities that can boost storage, while adding a sense of personalization.